Nad+ can potentially treat acute or chronic conditions

“NAD+ is a universal molecule that can potentially treat not only autoimmune diseases but other acute conditions such as allergy, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sepsis and immunodeficiency.” Stefan G Tullius’ HMS professor of surgery. Harvard medical School Order yours now, click here…  Dr Theo Verwey, retrieved from  


Great news, a clinical study showed that ADHD children taking 20mg of NADH (daily) had a 25% increase in brain activity within the areas of the brain used for cognitive functioning. Other research studies have shown adults and children with ADHD have a deficit in specific vitamins and nutrients. Brain Read more…

NAD+ Phyto

NAD+ Phyto NAD ( Theo Verwey one of the founders and pioneers of NAD therapy writes on his website ( ) “So, how do you become so “knowing”?” This is a question friend and foe like to ask. My answer is always. I am blessed. I’ve consulted more than Read more…