Don't despair! ~ There is absolutely a brilliantly easy and simple solution you can apply to lose weight. Knowing why you have failed in the past and how you can succeed now includes knowing the wrong information you were given previously. Simply, listen to what other experts are now saying in the information gathered in this article, but know that there is truly hope and a solution.

There is a solution on how to permanently lose weight and keep it off. Read all about it here: The complete guide on how to start to lose weight and create the perfect NAD+ Storm.

The information that we have been given by the foodies on a national level have been grossly inaccurate and have been self-serving. As bad if not worse than the lie that smoking is healthy supported for ages by the tobacco companies.

Now the Heart Foundation and the government gurus have been caught doing the same thing and could be to blame for obesity in our nation. Watch the Videos collected here and tell us what you think?

We need to find the truth. Your truth may not be our truth but we would like you to think and share your experiences and thoughts when you have watched the videos and followed the evidence?

Time to think again. -

You will NOT lose weight without a critical rethink.

Believe me, the current science is flawed! mmmm? maybe?

Watch these videos for critical information:

Professor Noakes (Wiki Link) is a world-renowned South African scientist and low-carb advocate and has exposed the established mistakes made with dietary information. In this interview, he explains why misconceptions and flawed information is affecting society at large. You can read this article as well:

The video below is a must-watch:

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