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Boosting your immune system with NAD+ Phyto

Boosting your immune system with NAD+ Phyto Recently researchers performed pre-clinical trials using an experimental infection model. Mice treated with NAD+ had a dramatically increased survival rate when compared to the non-treated group.They showed that mast cell-mediated CD4+ T cell response protects against lethal doses of infection (Listeria monocytogenes). “Collectively, Read more…

Virus Alert

VIRUS ALERT Use NAD+Phyto to keep your mitochondrias healthy and fully powered up. Your mitochondria are suitable targets for infectious microorganisms, such as viruses because they (mitochondrias) act as powerhouses of the cell and have various other important functions. Therefore, “hijacking” the mitochondria disrupts overall cell function and makes it Read more…

Nad+ can potentially treat acute or chronic conditions

“NAD+ is a universal molecule that can potentially treat not only autoimmune diseases but other acute conditions such as allergy, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sepsis and immunodeficiency.” Stefan G Tullius’ HMS professor of surgery. Harvard medical School Order yours now, click here…  Dr Theo Verwey, retrieved from  


Great news, a clinical study showed that ADHD children taking 20mg of NADH (daily) had a 25% increase in brain activity within the areas of the brain used for cognitive functioning. Other research studies have shown adults and children with ADHD have a deficit in specific vitamins and nutrients. Brain Read more…