Wondering about the link between cancer research and NAD? Don't have the time to slug through complex research? Look no further.

There are few ways to improve your NAD, as previously discussed following the keto diet can help improve your levels and exercise can too. Using supplements such as the NAD Elixir 

is the easiest and most beneficial way to do so if you can’t follow a diet or you’re too busy to fit in an exercise schedule. Boosting your NAD+ gives so many benefits. 


NAD is a coenzyme found in your body, Its role in your body is to make sure each cell is working correctly. As you get older your levels decline, meaning you lose all the benefits it gives you like clearer skin, more energy, and leaving you feeling (also looking) younger. NAD has anti-ageing properties, and just generally makes you feel healthier.

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However, these aren’t the only benefits. Some scientists are researching the link between NAD and cancer, and believe that raising your NAD could help prevent or manage certain cancer symptoms. Stimulating your NAD later in life could prevent diseases, experiments and research has begun on this hypothesis. 

Currently the experiments performed have mostly been on older mice, raising the NAD+ levels on older mice found that the mitochondria function in these mice had improved so much they looked more like the functions of a younger mouse. 

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, and mitochondrial myopathy is a neuromuscular disease that is caused by damage to the mitochondria. Symptoms of this disease include muscle weakness and pain, nausea, headaches and physical activities leaving you feeling fatigued.  

There’s no cure for this disease, physical therapy is encouraged as a way to manage it but if you’ve got it there’s no way to get rid of it. However, some mice with mitochondrial myopathy were treated using NAD and it was found that this delayed the progression of the disease. 

Meaning this link with NAD could lead to a more permanent fix for the disease, or at the very least help with the symptoms.  

More mouse related research has shown that the balance of NAD+ and NADH is disturbed in aggressive breast tumour cells. Increasing NAD+ in a mouse with breast cancer gives the mouse a higher survival rate, NAD+ precursor therapy can prevent breast cancer progression in mice. If similarities are found between human patients and mice with breast cancer this form of treatment could create waves in the treatment of cancer.

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NAD also helps with a number of things inside your body as well as outside. It helps with your metabolism and DNA repair, stress resistance and cell death. All of these are molecular processes that are important for fighting the early stages of cancer. 

They could have an effect on the malignant transformation, which is the process in which either normal, metaplastic or benign neoplastic tissue becomes cancerous. 

This theory still has some doubts, some believe that your NAD levels influence on cancer cells may need to be at a delicate balance in order to have a positive effect. There’s also the stage of cancer development to take into account, the concentration of NAD+ as well as this could potentially have a negative effect and increase tumour size instead of decrease. 

Most of our research has been conducted on animals, before we can come to a more accurate conclusion about this more studies need to be done on humans.

NAD has positive properties outside of disease prevention and anti-ageing. Your sleep health will improve, your skin will be clear and you’ll no longer need that second coffee to help you through the day! Make sure to pick up your NAD Elixir today to be the happiest, most energised version of yourself!

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