Diet - the goal:

Shed the lockdown pounds or life-changing diet to maintain your health.

Whatever motivates your diet choice - NAD+Phyto will assist you in shedding the pounds and maintaining your resolve in staying with the plan for the new body.

The top 4 diets followed in 2020 and top 4 suggested for 2021 discussed below. 

Are the diets preferred by the  public for the weight loss benefits or the overall well-being and life changing benefits of the diet? 

Scientist, dietitians, nutritionist  and the general public disagree on what is good and what is bad for general well-being, but there are general consensus on the following:

NAD+Phyto supplement agreement

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Everybody is in Total Agreement:

  • Leafy vegetables, salads are at the top of the ‘diet food pyramid’
  • Healthy oils agreed on are olive oil, avocado oil, linseed oil
  • Processed food, TV dinners, fast food at the bottom of the food pyramid, avoid, avoid!
  • Refined bread is not good, this included white bread, baguettes, paninis and pastries
  • Cut out sugar, added sugar is the general consensus. The Keto and Low Carb diet includes under this category everything that converts to sugar, i.e bread, pasta, starchy vegetables, all fruit excluding berries. ‘Sugars’ in ‘diet drinks’ are also included under the Keto avoid list.
  • Exercise - get your heart pumping at least 30 minutes a day, gym, cycle, let the dog walk you, hoover, rake leaves in your garden. (NAD+Phyto can promote your exercise routine as it will boost your metabolism, improved your stamina and also help with muscle recovery afterwards)
  • Stay hydrated - drink at least 6 to 8 cups of water per day
  • NAD+ is a coenzyme naturally occurring in the body, crucial for life. One of the functions is to boost blood flow, the maintenance of blood vessels and repair of the mitochondria in cells, the powerhouse of every living cell. NAD+ is instrumental in getting blood, rich with nutrients and oxygen to your muscles, heart and brain, optimizing health. Boost your NAD+ via the NAD+ Phyto supplement, where the diet begins.
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The food pyramid has been redesigned with green, leafy, salad vegetables at the broad bottom end, processed stuff and sugars  at the very top/avoid/ minimize. The middle of the pyramid becomes muddled.

Keto promotes eggs, olive oil, saturated fats and avocados. Clean eating is ambivalent on eggs but saturated fats are out, whole grain bread is good. The flexitarian diet wants to minimize animal products, promoting fruit, nuts, legumes. Are the meat free, store bought dishes processed food? Can one consume bread, whole wheat pasta, cake made from whole wheat flour? 👀

NAD+Phyto constant in the diet

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2020-4 Best Diets list - based on experience from a long lockdown slog

  • Intermittent Fasting - is eating patterns that cycles between period of minimal calorie intake (as low as 500-600 calories), there are no official schedule to follow.  Skip breakfast, help you to regulate insulin, which is the hormone correlated with weight gain and fat storage (visceral fat). Missing a meal also means missing on an extra calorie intake. Benefits, burn more calories, potential brain boost, improved blood sugar, keep cholesterol in check, cut cancer risk. 
  • Ketogenic diet - High fat, very low carb diet. Broth, not-starchy vegetables, meat, cheese and butter at the top of the desirables list, sugar, cookies, bread and starchy vegetables a no-no. You do not count the calories, just the carbs. Pros: health benefits praises sung by Dr Jeff Volek, Stephen Phinney, Dr Eric Berg to name but a few. Claims that it can prevent Type2 Diabetes Naturally, Hypertension, Fatty Liver etc. Cons: Nutrient deficiency if you do not consume a variety of vegetables. Constipation and initial Keto fog can also be a problem.
  • Low-Carb - Similar to a Ketogenic diet, slightly less restrictive on the carb allowance, breads, grains, cereal and starchy vegetables are still on the avoid list. Leafy vegetables, berries, butter, cream and meat still all go. The Keto diet is more restrictive on calorie consumption than the Low-Carb diet, but it is essentially the same diet. Go on the Keto diet to lose the weight, when you have reached your ideal weight, stay on the low-carb alternative.
  • Clean eating - Based on a 1,500-calorie clean-eating meal plan for weight loss features healthy whole foods and limits processed items to help you clean-up your diet.

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2021- 4 Best Diets list - speculation on where we are heading.

Shed the lockdown pounds or life-changing diet to maintain your health - have a read whatever motivates your diet choice - NAD+Phyto will assist you shedding the pounds and maintaining your resolve.

  • Mediterranean Diet - Stop counting calories, ask how many vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes or pulses you can stack in your day. Lean proteins,  heart-healthy fats like olive oil and nuts plus wine are fine.
  • Dash Diet - a low fat, low sodium diet, plenty of nutritional fresh foods. The aim is to stop hypertension and lower blood pressure naturally.
  • Volumetrics Diet- eat foods that provide the most amount of nutrition for the least amount of calories. Low energy dense food like broth, non-starchy vegetables and fruits at the top of the list for consumption, treats like cookies, chocolates and butter at the bottom.
  • Flexitarian - the next level vegetarian diet. Lose weight by limiting the calories by eating mostly veg, whole grains, fruit and plant based proteins with a bit of meat when you fancy. A diet aimed at reducing your consumption of meat and dairy

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If you want a healthier body, maintain a healthier lifestyle, it all start with NAD+Phyto, working with what you consumed, ensuring the mechanisms functions optimally, to take the  nutrients to the relevant body parts.

NAD+Phyto, Keto, Low Carb Diet, Intermittent Fasting it is linked, changes starting on cellular level to repair your body. More in future blogs!

A new body starts with NAD+Phyto. What do you have to lose?

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