Revolutionary research is being done on the fight against cancer with aid of the keto diet.

Even with this research being in the early stages of studying, scientists have found that the keto diet has great potential. The trials and studies that we’ve seen, both on humans and animals, have shown that following the diet with your usual treatment, could help with the progression of lots of different types of cancer. 

The way that scientists believe the keto diet helps is by decreasing your blood sugar.
Research has shown that most cancer cells feed off of carbs or blood sugar to spread.
Meaning that following the keto diet, which reduces your carbs and sugar intake, could make sure you’re giving the cancer cells as little energy as possible while reducing their growth.

The results from the studies on animals have displayed that following a keto diet as part of cancer treatment can reduce tumour size, improve quality of life and boost survival rates. 

It’s not just the animal based studies that have shown potential.

One study focused on a 65 year old woman with brain cancer. Research found that following the keto diet, alongside standard treatment, slowed down tumour progression. She followed the keto diet for 10 weeks, once this time was over she returned to a more normal diet the tumour began to grow more rapidly. 

These aren’t the only benefits of this combination, research has indicated that it may help in the following ways;

  • Slow down the growth of tumours 
  • Protect your healthy cells from damage during treatment such as chemotherapy
  • Help any drugs you’re on take action faster
  • Help with inflammation
  • Help with weight loss which helps to avoid tumour resurgence 

It’s important to keep dialogue open with your doctor, you should always discuss benefits with them before you follow the diet alongside your cancer treatment. While the research shown is promising, your doctor will have a more accurate view of your health history and know any risks that this may come with for you personally. You should never use a diet in place of cancer treatment.

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