Faster COVID~19 Recovery research is possible by boosting your NAD+ levels:

Faster Recovery after COVID~19

NAD Phyto has been used to assist and help people recover from various illnesses for more than 20 years. In our various blogs and the numerous studies that are mentioned here, it is clear that NAD Phyto has far-reaching implications when used as prescribed.

One of the most impressive aspects of using NAD Phyto is that your NAD levels can be determined before you embark on the use of the supplement. Later tests can then determine the effectiveness and changes that have occurred to your NAD+ levels after using the NAD Phyto supplement.

In the video by Dr Berg listed above, he mentions the use of Nicotinamide Ribose to boost the NAD levels.  this new Turkish Study confirms the benefits of using Hydrochloroquuine Favipiravir there is apparently a marked reduction in recovery time. This aligns with what has been observed by physicians in South Africa that have used our NAD Phyto product to assist recovery and prevention of the severity of the disease. See this paper:

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Being able to build your NAD+ plus levels by using NAD Phyto could improve your immune system apart from the very many other benefits from using NAD Phyto.

Paper by Dr theo Verwey:


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