NAD+ Phyto - Scientists Behind NAD+ Phyto

THEO VERWEY - Clinical psychologist

The world’s first! Clinical psychologist Theo Verwey founded NAD Therapy in 1989

NAD+ Phyto Theo Verwey

His book “NAD Therapy, Too good to be true” was the start of a global revolution. In 1989 Theo also started NAD IV with Dr. Ockie van Wyk and then in 1997 developed the formula for the world’s first “stabilized form of oral NAD,” now known as NAD Plus Phyto. (Prof John P. Cleary M.D). “It is the concept of NAD as a medicine, which must not be ignored: the needed research must be allowed, encouraged, the results evaluated, acknowledged and passed on to the young physicians of today” (Dr. Abram Hoff er MD PhD FRCP©).

NAD Phyto Elixir Spray

DR. FRANCOIS VAN WYK - MBChB, MBA Medical Consultant for FirstNAD

NAD+ Phyto Scientist

Dr. Francois van Wyk’s role is to guide the patient in the best direction through advice, diagnostic tests, targeted treatments and medical interventions where necessary. He dedicates his life to further the application of science of NAD+/ NADH Therapy and regulation and modulation of the NAD pool in all spheres of medicine. While the maintenance of an optimal NAD/ NADH ratio is essential for mitochondrial function, the maintenance of the NAD pool is also of critical importance.

JUANDRE KRUGER - FirstNAD brand ambassador

NAD+ Phyto Brand Ambassador

Professional rugby player FirstNAD brand ambassador,
'I promote healthy living and have been using NAD+ Phyto since 2018'

NAD Phyto Elixir Spray

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