The Evolution of NAD+ Phyto Elixir Prominent Scientist involved


1960 | Dr. Abraham Hoffer carries out first case studies with oral NAD.

1986 | Prof. John Cleary publishes first article on NAD deficiency diseases.

1988 | Theo Verwey is introduced to NAD IV’s by Psychiatrist Dr. S Verster.

1989 | Dr. Ockie van Wyk & Theo Verwey admit patients over weekends to hospital for NAD IV’s.

NAD+ Phyto Elixir

1993 | Theo Verwey develops NAD Therapy on out patient basis with Psychiatrist Dr. Nanno Bakker & Dr. Koos Engela.

1994 | First media article is published about NAD Therapy and diseases.

1995 | Theo Verwey founded the First NAD Therapy out patient clinic: Alkogen Network which treated over 12,000 patients & administered 35 000 NAD IV’s. Prof. Murray Janson, mentor to Theo Verwey, promotes NAD Therapy through platforms such as Huisgenoot and Radio Jakaranda.

1996 | First Radio show with Theo Verwey on NAD Therapy.

1997 | Theo Verwey formulates the first ever oral NAD supplement followed by various NAD supporting supplements, evolutionized into NAD+Phyto Elixir. The first ever regulation and normalization of the NAD Pool & NAD/NADH oscillation.

1997 | Alkogen is featured on the television program Carte Blanche with Ruda Landman.

1999 | Prof. Daan Steyn & Theo Verwey publish the book Dreams for Fragile People, a chronicle of the experience of NAD IV and oral therapy by practitioners and patients.

2000 | Dr. Frits Steyn introduces NAD Therapy in Namibia, Dr. Ian Hyams introduces NAD Therapy in the UK and Dr. Andre Oertel introduces NAD Therapy in New Zealand and Australia.

2002 | Theo Verwey formulates the calculation of extracellular NAD/NADH ratio based on lactate and pyruvate ratio. NAD Ratios can be done at every pathologist around the Country. More than 10 000 tests are done.

2002 | Theo Verwey publishes NAD Therapy Too Good To Be True? Dr. Abram Hoffer, MD PhD FRCP©), Victoria, British Columbia “For these reasons I consider the information in the E-book: NAD Therapy! Too Good to be True? so valuable and important and I fully expect to see the corroboration of this work world wide once it becomes known to the medical profession and even more when the general public of sick people and their families hear about it.”

NAD Plus Elixir

2003 | Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Vol. 18, No. 1, 2003, Prof. JP Cleary The University of Wisconsin–Madison. “The potential of NAD Therapy to treat diseases is now going forward in South Africa. Theo Verwey
and his group of clinicians are now the future of this movement to reform medical therapeutics. It is the concept of NAD as a medicine, which must not be ignored; the needed research must be allowed, encouraged, the results evaluated, acknowledged, and passed on to the young physicians of today.”

2009 | Theo Verwey Formulates the calculation of intracellular NAD/NADH ratio based on point of care finger prick blood tests. Since then more than a thousand NAD/NADH ratios were calculated for more than 150 diseases diagnosed by independent health practitioners.

NAD Plus Phyto Restores

2018 | Theo Verwey & Johan Eloff discover Bilateral nature of NAD Levels in Parkinson patients. Bilateral testing improved and expanded by Dr. Francois van Wyk & Theo Verwey.

2019 | The increase in knowledge and research conducted on the NAD+ Pool (NAD+; NADH; NADP+; NADPH) and its role in human health & disease revealed a deeper understanding of cellular bio-energetics. Dr. Francois van Wyk and Theo Verwey founded NAD+ Oscillation Therapy (NOT).

2019 | FirstNAD founded by professional rugby player Juandré Kruger.

2020 | Dr. Francois van Wyk and Dr. Theo Verwey founded and formulated NAD+Phyto Elixer: NAD+/NADH Oscillation, regulation and normalisation of the NAD+ Pool.

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