NAD+ Phyto is a 100 % natural, easy to use and convenient oral spray, designed for maximum absorption.

A whole foods plant-based nutritional product, formulated over a period of 30 years of research to enhance and modulate cellular metabolism.

NAD+ Phyto combines the power of nature in a superior nutritional product to provide essential nutrients at a cellular level and on time.

NAD Phyto was formulated to support and optimize your wellness, from supercharging your mind in the morning to supporting a more restful sleep at night. It contains an abundance of carefully selected and extracted botanicals in their purest form through cold maceration, which is then then blended with the Nutripyn base (Nappi Code 707320-001).

From the founders of NAD Oscillation Therapy (NOT), Dr. Francois van Wyk & Theo Verwey.

Rewind the clock in your cells, live every day like it’s your first with NAD+ Phyto Elixir.NAD Phyto Elixir Spray

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