The definition of health - NAD+ Phyto Health. Can health be defined as the absence of disease?

Health is defined as:

  • NAD+/NADH ratio = 50/50
  • Oscillation - our cells need a recurring pattern of movement back and forth of NAD and NADH, in a regular rhythm, to get rid of toxins and for regrowth.
  • Asymmetry Ratio (AR) > 45

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NAD+ Phyto to improve your health

NAD+ Phyto supports the primary role of the immune system which is protection and restoration, i.e health - the cold hard facts. 

 Average age-related NAD+/NADH ratios in healthy bodies:

  • <30 years : NAD+/NADH = 50/50 (expected in healthy individuals)
  • 30-50 years : NAD+/NADH = 32/68
  • >70 years : NAD+/NADH = 13/87
  • Death (96 hours after death): NAD+/NADH = 0/100 (17)

 Average NAD+/NADH ratios associated with comorbidities (more than one disease/condition is present in a person at the same time.)

  • Cancer: NAD+/NADH = 23/77
  • Diabetes Mellitus Type 2: NAD+/NADH = 32/68
  • Hypertension: NAD+/NADH = 37/63
  • Obesity: NAD+/NADH = 28/72

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Biology summary:

NAD+ is short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. A coenzyme, a compound that certain enzymes need in order to do their work. 

Your NAD+ levels naturally decline as you get older and this has a direct effect on your health. By using NAD+ as a supplement you can help support healthy aging (i.e 30+ years) as well as important biological processes, achieving health via NAD+ Phyto health!

Through boosting your NAD+ Levels, you will improve your health because it will:

  • Boost your immune system (helping you to fight that nasty virus)
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improve energy metabolism in the body
  • Protect the brain
  • Helps DNA repair
  • Regulates your circadian rhythm, (body clock) in regard to sleep cycles and hunger patterns.
  • improves muscle recovery after excercise
  • improves stamina

NAD+ occurs naturally in the body. Through boosting your NAD+ levels, you will support your body and immune system on various levels.

NAD+Phyto has been formulated as a plant based medical foods product that restores and normalizes the NAD+/NADH ratio. Good nutrition is essential for a healthy immune response to infection and or sepsis.   

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The advantages of the NAD+ Phyto supplement and the NAD/NADH ration in everyday life right through to life threatening diseases will be discussed in future blogs.

Do not miss out, share the good news. It is not too good to be true because NAD+ it is a product that occurs naturally in the body, now available in an affordable supplement format. 

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Dr. Elissa Epel, PhD, co-author of The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger


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