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Theo Verwey one of the founders and pioneers of NAD therapy writes on his website ( )

"So, how do you become so "knowing"?" This is a question friend and foe like to ask.

My answer is always. I am blessed. I've consulted more than 12 thousand people who know best. They were my teachers, as is every single person I encounter in my life. They are the ones with the willingness to ask questions and to share their stories, stories that save lives. These stories and questions took me beyond believing to the place of knowing. Sometimes it is a child who asks me a question I hadn't considered before. The answer to a father or a spouse is an answer to myself. They are the people who guide me to miraculous discoveries and help me to keep my life on purpose.

Then there are the professional people, the colleagues who participated in the whole process, who took part as fellow human beings.

These people are the real founders of NAD Therapy. People like you and me. They are our family. The miracle makers. 

This is their stories. Their stories are the experiences of reality of intelligent and often sensitive people. The very people who sincerely want to do something for their fellow man by telling their story so that others may benefit from their experience." (Direct quote from the website )


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