Love life. Know your NAD health status today. 

Most sicknesses and diseases we have is due to our Mitochondria (the body’s energy station) not functioning in its optimal state, as a lack of the NAD molecule in our body. From the day you are born, your NAD levels start dropping. At age 50 you will have only 50% of the NAD available and by age 80, only 1%. Therefore, NAD levels are in dire need of restoration from an early age. 

Lack of this essential cellular fuel is now recognised as a key feature of chronic fatigue, apathy, depression, anxiety, weak immune system (infections & cancers), headaches, muscle pain, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, addictions, arthritis, memory disturbances and other chronic diseases. Approximately 150 contemporary diseases have an underlying NAD imbalance, including cancer, diabetes and dementia. 

NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is a metabolic co-enzyme working together with 100’s of nutrients, in structuring, repairing and remodelling every cell in the body. 

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NAD+Phyto is the new formulation of NAD Therapy, an all-in-one daily capsule. A combination of complementary medicine for various conditions. NAD in natural form is only found in raw meat, extreme quantities of potato and grains for instance, but does not supply nearly enough quantities to encourage healing. 

NAD+Phyto contains NO: 

  • Allergens 
  • Iodine 
  • Anything else working against the body’s normal functioning. 

NAD+Phyto is food in a capsule form and even contains probiotics. NAD+Phyto contains very high doses of amino acids and is stabilized by micro quantities of food that carries the NAD to the cells so that healing of the mitochondria can start. NAD+Phyto are the building blocks for cellular healing and nutrition. Without NAD, your mitochondria only produces 8 energy molecules. Supplementing with NAD, your mitochondria produces 48 energy molecules. 

Your brain makes up only 2% of your body, but per cell, has the most mitochondria. The brain thus uses 25% of all energy released from NAD+Phyto capsules. Therefore, the first area that will receive healing and more energy is the brain, then the pancreas, then blood vessels and lastly the muscles. This means that the first diseases to be healed will be anything linked to the nervous system and blood vessels. As NAD strengthens the immune system, it is also effective in helping HIV patients to have more strength and energy. The substance Taurine in our NAD+Phyto capsules may help prevent epileptic seizures as well. 

NAD+Phyto can be used in conjunction with various other medications as well as chronic medications. Usually, patients continue using their prescribed medication after starting NAD+Phyto, but soon after noticing a difference especially in their blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is necessary to visit your doctor to check your levels and adjust prescription medications. Latest studies have shown that many skin diseases are also healed with the use of NAD. 

What to use with NAD+Phyto capsules and what not to use with it? 

  • It is not necessary to use other supplements as NAD+Phyto contains 17 Vitamins / 10 Minerals / 19 Amino Acids / Antioxidants / 105 phyto nutrients / 49 Rainbow color vegetables & fruits / Active Ingredient - NAD molecule. The NAD molecule binds with the food components to transport the NAD straight into the cells, to bring sufficient energy to the cell to start the healing process. 
  • When supplementing with Vitamin C, do not exceed 200mg per day, as this destroys NAD. (This does not include fresh fruit and vegetables containing Vit. C) 
  • Supplementing with Omega 3, assists in restoration of DNA. 
  • Omega 7, assists in restoring brain tissue. (A good source is Coconut oil) 

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Why do you need a blood test:

If you have no NAD/NADH deficiencies, you will probably not need to use NAD+Phyto at the moment, but with age NAD levels decrease, so prevention is better than cure. 

Without a blood test, supplementing with NAD+Phyto for general health and disease prevention, you can start with 1 NAD capsule, 3 times daily for at least one month. Dosage may be increased to 2 NAD capsules, 3 times daily, the maximum being 3 NAD capsules, 3 times daily. It is however recommended, before using maximum dosage, that you talk to a representative. 

Knowing your NAD level are important, to give a more accurate protocol with the support of Dr Verwey and his team. 

Before blood test, do not: 

  • Wash your hands with soap 
  • Eat for 30 min. before test 
  • Use medication 30 min. prior to test 
  • Exercise 30 min. prior to test 

What to know about blood tests: Results will be available approximately two - three weeks from testing date. This will include a protocol and next testing date. 

Once the desired NAD levels are reached, your protocol will be adjusted in order to stablise your NAD levels. This will be determined by a final blood test. 


For NAD results below or above 50: It is very important to follow the suggested PROTOCOL (beneath NAD levels on results page) and do the follow up blood test as per the test results, especially if you have serious health conditions. 


- what you can expect: Constipation, heartburn, headaches, muscle aches, tiredness, nausea (you can take Medazine), initial sleep problems may persist for a few days. 

People with underlying diseases, viruses, etc, might have more detox symptoms than others. You might even get sick, flu, cold sores, runny nose, muscle aches or other viruses popping out because of the mitochondria recovering to do its proper job and cleanse your body. Extreme detox symptoms might be a red light for underlying diseases surfacing, as the mitochondria starts healing. In such cases, please consult your doctor. 

Any stored-up bowl in your body can cause many diseases in itself, due to the body reabsorbing much of the toxins, which can lead to other problems. A good flush can be done with many natural remedies. 


A 20 min walk 2 or 3 times a week, helps NAD production. Join a Pilate’s or Yoga class, but stay active. Movement keeps your blood circulation going, the joints mobile and muscles stronger.

(Theo Verwey)

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Formulated by Theo Verwey.
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