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NAD Supplement UK - NAD plus Phyto Elixir

NAD plus supplement with 30 years of development and use by Clinical psychologist Theo Verwey who founded NAD Therapy in 1989. He published “NAD Therapy, Too good to be true” was in its own sense ground breaking. Also in 1989 Theo started NAD IV with Dr. Ockie van Wyk and then in 1997 developed the formula for the world’s first “stabilized form of oral NAD,” now known as NAD Plus Phyto.

NAD Therapy! Too Good to be True?

Too Good to be True

NAD Therapy! Too Good to be True?

Dr Theo Verwey published the book "NAD Therapy! Too Good to be True?" from his research 1989 to 2009. Link to the e-book:

This amazing supplement in its newest form is now available in the United Kingdom through NAD Phyto.

Did you know:   .. ?

"For each of these growing and renewal processes, from each individual cell
to the whole body, constantly needs sufficient ATP generated by NAD from food to
maintain quality of life. Babies with NED will have problems with NAD energy production
due to their genetic predisposition and will not live a healthy life. During her life she will:

• Talk for up to ten years.
• Breathed 41 million times and inhaled about 173 million litres of air.
• Walk 22 000 kilometres.
• Drive for one year in a car.
• Sleep for 22 years.
• Be paid for nine years of work after at least changing her career three times.
• Talk for two-and-a-half years on the telephone.
• Fall in love twice, have sex more than 3 000 times and kiss for two weeks.
• Grow 28m fingernails, 950km of hair and 2m of hair in her nose.
• Discard 19 kg of dead skin.
• Spend five years eating and drinking.
• Renew her skeleton 11 times.
• Renew the inner lining of her stomach 32 448 times.
• To successfully complete and enjoy all of the above, her body will have to
manufacture about 1140 tons of ATP using 950 tons of NAD to reach the
average age of 78 years."

Extract from the ebook ( ) available above.

Thanks to modern science, we are today able to look inside ourselves on a cellular level,
in a way in which no previous generation could do it.

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