Harvesting the Best from Red wine requires Heightened levels of NAD Phyto

To Really Enjoy Superb Wine - Top-up With Nad

The use of alcohol in large quantities strips our body of NAD and puts the NADH cycle into overdrive.

Direct quote from Article about NAD and Red Wine (Alcohol):

"NAD in our Bodies (Dr Charl Stevens MBChB)

There is a particular area of instability in the biochemistry of our bodies, which contributes to problems with memory, irritability, problems with concentration, depression, a decrease in mental energy, anxiety, chronic fatigue and a craving for alcohol, nicotine and sugar. This condition is a deficiency in Co-enzyme 1 or nicotineamide-adenine-dinucletide (NAD). We refer in this instance to a metabolic energy deficiency!

You read correctly: We are dealing here with a measurable energy deficiency. Most of the symptoms, which are referred to in the above-mentioned, are merely masks which hide the actual problem. Behind these masks there is most probably a genetic defect - and you can definitely do something about it.

All human activities require energy. Each cell in your body has a particular function and requires energy, to be able to do its job. This energy is produced by various chemical processes in the cells, in little "power plants", which exist as small parts in the cell. We refer to such a power plant as the mitochondrium." (Referenced from : https://www.streetdirectory.com/food_editorials/beverages/wine/to_really_enjoy_superb_wine_top_up_with_nad.html )






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