I wanted to give up on life - NAD changed everything


Relocating from South Africa to the US was just a huge thing for me, extremely difficult. Maybe because I am now 64 ... I believe it would have been easier if I had my NAD + Phyto My NAD stock ran out at the end of May and by July '20 I almost wanted to fall apart! There is nothing but nothing like NAD + Phyto for stress and Fibromyalgia ... and I can not wait to use the new NAD Elixer!

NAD + phyto is the most amazing thing that could have happened to my health and well being!!

NAD+ welbeing

NAD+ Phyto Elixir Spray 5 Stars

 I had a stroke in 1996, shortly before my fortieth birthday, which changed the direction of my life quite a bit!

For the past 23 years I have been trying almost everything to just get my health back to standard ... Vitamins, Nano Silver Colloids, Ozone-Sauna treatments, Bodycleanse detoxes and and and! All these efforts made a minor difference, but my health still deteriorated due to a series of setbacks in my life, as below:

  • 2010 - When fumigating bats in the roof with Doom Foggers I inhaled some of the poison.
  • 2011 - Caught Histoplasmosis (Caves Disease) as a result of the bats.
  • 2013 - Slipped on a wet tile floor,almost lost my right eye due to a very hard blow to the back of my head.
  • 2014 - Fell on my hip when slipping on a tile floor
  • 2015 - Slipped on tile floor, falling with my jaw against the sliding door, losing 3 wisdom teeth & 3 molars.
  • 2015 - Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.
  • 2016 - Diagnosed with Shingles, 8 days in hospital
  • 2017 - Liver failure due to antibiotics.
  • 2018 - Nervous breakdown in early February.
  • 2018 - Swine Flu & Pneumonia in July.

This was the end, I had almost no energy, a compromised immune system, I wanted to give up on life. I could not carry on, no matter how much I wanted to go on for the sake of my children and grandchildren! Period.

Then I read on a friend’s, of almost 30 years, Facebook about her excitement about NAD. I contacted her and out of sheer desperation decided to give it a try! It was October 2018. Because I was so ill I did not expect to experience results very soon!

About 10 days after I started using NAD +, one night, when I got up to go to the bathroom, I realized that I was no longer off balance! Even my bladder emptied better ... the first two miracles!

One morning when I woke up, I heard the birds singing outside and I just wanted to be barefoot in my garden again. I wanted to live and enjoy life ... miracle number three!

I had ENERGY, something I had not had in abundance for several years; something I coveted with all my heart. It spurred me to a new desire for life! I have always been a very active person, the rediscovery of energy changed me, I wanted to live. I had to learn to manage my newfound energy wisely.

NAD+ Phyto Repairs your DNA

Something that worried me a lot many months before I started NAD + was that the left side of my mouth sometimes felt "dead" and I had no control over the saliva that often dripped from that corner on my mouth ... completely like after my stroke in 1996. NAD + Phyto got my mouth right again and I'm not as clumsy as I have been for the past few years!

I started sleeping better, I was no longer that pathetic, depressed person struggling through the days and nights … a miracle!

My hair started to grow lush again, and for the first time in my life, my nails are so strong that I have to file them regularly ... miracle! I rarely used to cut my toenails and they started to grow so much that I now have to clipt them every three weeks!BUY NAD+PHYTO NOW

I broke my left ring finger in 2016, it stayed stiff and sore and I could not straighten it, unless by forcing it open in two bursts ... I was referred to a doctor who would have treated it with injections.  However,  I was simply too tired, and afraid to try it! After only four months on NAD + Phyto, my finger had fully recovered ... miracle!

Fibromyalgia caused me to not be able to sleep at night without presoaking  in a hot bath for at least half an hour! Likewise, I could not get going in the morning without first "thawing" in a hot bath! Now my body is satisfied with a cooler shower, I am much more mobile than before, and no longer feel so terribly old ... miracle!

Likewise, my concentration is much better, especially when I drive my car in busy traffic. I feel and stay awake over long distances ... miracle!

My liver has improved so much that I can now use milk and cream without getting nauseous ... I used Milk Thistle for years because I could not eat anything rich or creamy  since childhood ... miracle!

Although I am still struggling with my back injury, the Lord is very good to me. 

My family and many of my friends are now also using NAD+! 

My sister, who had a big lump on her thyroid for many years, let me know after just six months on NAD + that the lump was completely gone ... and she looks beautiful!

At the end of December 2018 I had a NAD drip which helped a lot to fill my big NAD backlog ... I would definitely recommend it!

NAD+ Phyto Elixir Supplement

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Except for NAD + Phyto and an Omega3 supplement; I no longer use many expensive supplements, which did not really work! Thank you Dr. Theo Verwey for your outstanding NAD + Phyto formula!

I moved to America permanently at the end of 2019 and soon started distributing my NAD + Phyto stock among sick people, with great feedback, especially one man (48) who had a stroke, his speech and movement miraculously improved!

NAD+Phyto the Definition of Health

Then Covid hit; my NAD + Phyto capsules stock ran out, due to the travel restrictions I could not fly to SA to replenish my stock.

In desperation I started looking for a replacement for NAD + Phyto in America, trying four different types, but nothing came close to NAD + Phyto by Theo Verwey in SA!

My friends and family in SA are ecstatic about the new NAD Elixer, especially the older lot and little ones, because they no longer have to swallow capsules ... brilliant improvement with increased absorption!

Once NAD, always NAD!



John, a fit 65 year old gentleman, felt the onset on a cold on 22 Dec. By the 23rd John was not in a good place, suffering from extensive wheezing when moving about, could not catch his breath, cold sweats, the same of the 24th. His jaw felt clenched making eating very difficult. Fortunately, things turned for the better on the 25th Dec, John felt and sounded much better, the wheezing was gone.  A covid test on 26 Dec came back positive.

John has been taking NAD+ Phyto since September. Being a healthy person, he started his NAD regiment without seeing the benefits.  Yes, he was sleeping better and felt that he had more energy, but did not know if NAD was the source.

In a trial session he decided to forgo NAD for a two week period to see if it has made a marked difference. Within a week later John started up again. NAD+ Phyto had been the source of his energy and stamina, banishing the aches and pains associated with age.

NAD+Phyto boosted John's immune system, enabling him to beat the Covid virus. On 23 and 24th December John had been so ill that hospitalization had been an option. By 29th December he only had a slight cough. Co-inhabitants of the house do not have any Covid symptoms, they are also NAD+ Phyto users and advocates.

NAD+ Phyto defeats covid

Boost your immune system, beat the Virus

After being diagnosed with IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) I had to change my whole diet. It is frustrating as I am always working in different areas and it is not always possible to plan around my meals. After being introduced to NAD Phyto I started taking 6 sprays 3 times a day lingually, I could not believe how my life changed. I do not have pain, spasms or sleepless nights. I can even introduce some foods back to my diet. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you PhilipNAD cured IBS?!NAD+ Phyto Elixir Spray 5 StarsNAD Plus Elixir

Boosts energy levels and muscle recovery after extreme exercise

I am a 3rd year Physiotherapy student and came across NAD Phyto. I had serious doubts as I hardly remember to take my normal multi vitamins. So I started with NAD and saw that it gives me so much energy that I could study throughout the night, so I had to work around the times slots as to when I take this, as I do need some sleep too. Well I am extremely happy and this also helps me to recover more quickly after extreme exercises in the gym. Thanks NickyNAD+ Boosts energy levelsNAD+ Phyto Elixir Spray 5 Stars

I am 77 years old and for a few months I have suffered from heart palpitations. After seeing the cardiologist they decided it is important to have a coronary angioplasty in January 2020. I did not feel up to going for such a procedure and after I heard of NAD Phyto I decided to see if this will help. It did not only stop my heart issue, I can sleep better, I have loads of energy and proper bowel movements that I never thought would be restored. Thank you NAD for a fantastic product, Christine

NAD+ revitalizedNAD+ Phyto Elixir Spray 5 Stars

I had not heard of NAD then a friend recommended it to me. I have so much more energy and my arthritis is barely noticeable. I broke my arm and nose whilst taking it and the scar on my nose had gone in 4 days. I was also driving after 2 weeks. It was amazing how quickly I healed. Would not be without this product now

NAD+ Phyto enhance recovery

This is me 5 days later with the furry culprit. No Scab or scar at all. Amazing!

NAD+ Phyto Supplement restores

NAD+ Phyto Elixir Spray 5 Stars

At the age of 60, I got double mastectomies, chemotherapy, and radiation that caused cardiac pathology and total immunosuppression with cortisol levels so low that I was diagnosed with pre-Addisonian disease. I have been found chemically toxic and chemo-resistant with a 44% heart rate fraction, due to chemo. I was sent home with no hope and very little left in me.
Family and friends gave advice, but God provided. I learned about the work of Theo Verwey from a group of doctors, in a time when my life’s light was only a candle flame with an increasing cancer score. I started taking Theo's NAD products and three days later the candle flame became a neon light. Within a few days, I experienced renewed energy levels. A year later I started walking - about 11 km in the early hours of the morning in so much as two hours only.
Over these five years, my heart was restored to an output fraction of 63%.  My cortisol and DHEA level recovered from Pre-Addisonian to normal.  My energy levels elevated in such a manner that I compare. myself again to age 30. The cancer markers still remain zero.  From an incapacitated state to a healthy physician, I can without a doubt. refer back to the use of NAD products and its individualized protocols. No. wonder, NAD is called the too good to be a true supplement.   
"Article retrieved from verwey.biz"

"My brother came to see my Dad and he realized that Dad was failing fast. There was no hope for him anymore.
About a month after he started taking NAD+ Phyto, the old man was back on his feet, making notes of things he wanted to ask me and things he wanted me to do. He is giving us a hard time again! To us, this is a miracle.”
~ Amanda Nelson

"Article retrieved from @firstnad on Facebook, posted on the 25th of January 2020"

Today we know that ADHD is not just a childhood disorder. I had to learn to manage myself. To take my NAD supplements. Theo’s NAD became a part of our family’s lifestyle. It helps me, other than maintaining my physical and emotional health, to stay focused, to complete what I started and empower me not to be controlled by my own or other people’s emotions.
I was extremely lucky to get the support I did from Theo Verwey and NAD Therapy. ADHD doesn't define who I am as a person.
~ Claudia Saayman

I gradually lost 17kg's in a year
My journey with Theo Verwey and NAD started in September 2018. I took my son to Theo but ended up participating in this journey myself. For years my energy levels were non-existent. I suffered from depression, anxiety, hypothyroidism (Hashimoto's disease), arthritis and leg pains and was very overweight my whole life! At the time I was taking a lot of different medications: anti-depressants, sleeping tablets and slimming potions (to keep my appetite under control as well as for energy!).

At first I was skeptical about Theo's NAD Therapy, as we all want instant gratification but after two months I noticed that my mood improved and my energy levels increased. I still was not happy with the cravings for food I've experienced for years. I also found myself gaining some extra kilos!! I remember experiencing slight abdominal pain in my second month on NAD+Phyto. Theo explained abdominal pain can have many causes such as indigestion, constipation, a stomach virus, etc. and also to take in mind the renewing cycles of the cells in the body. I had to admit that I've also battled for years with my gut/indigestion and was previously told by a health care provider that my intestines are very 'looped ' and have to take laxatives regularly.

Theo suggested some changes and to keep going with the NAD+Phyto and not to follow a specific diet but to eat more of a wider variety of foods rather than to try to withhold foods that my body craved. I had to give my body time to heal and this is what I am doing now.

Over the past year, I gradually lost 17kg's by changing my mind about food and not being on a special diet. Rather add than subtract. NAD+Phyto helped stabilize certain functions that my body lacked which resulted in me feeling so good. Theo Verwey's NAD Therapy is a lifestyle and I am enjoying the journey. Thank you Theo.

~ Lorraine 

"Article retrieved from @firstnad on Facebook, posted on the 19th of January 2020"

There's an old saying that "you are what you eat."  When it comes to NAD+Phyto, this is definitely true.  My memory and concentration improved within a week! Thank you
~ Corrie Kruger
"Article retrieved from www.firstnad.com"

I have zero control over the fact that I am aging - but I have total control over how I handle it.  NAD+ Phyto complements my diet.  I love the fact that I can add all these wonderful tiny food particles to my daily diet.  To me, this is magic!
~ Lesley Joans
"Article retrieved from www.firstnad.com"