Case report 1: NAD+ Oscillation Therapy (NOT) to treat Covid-19 aggravated by pearly controlled Diabetes Mellitus Type 2.

1. Dr A.F. Van Wyk - MBChB (UFS); MBA (UNISA). Medical Doctor in private practice.
2. T. Verwey - MSc Psych (Medunsa) Clinical Psychologist. Author of NAD Therapy!
Too good to be true?)

NAD Phyto Covid - 19 Research report

Below is an abstract from the report with a link where you can download and read the whole of the report.


We report on a case of a 50-year-old diabetic, obese and hypertensive male patient that developed severe disease, was admitted and treated with NAD+ Oscillation Therapy (NOT) and then discharged in a stable condition within 5 days (not requiring home oxygen therapy).

In addition to the favourable outcome in regards to severe COVID-19 disease, the patient’s blood glucose levels were better controlled after resolution of COVID-19 and the patient has no apparent post-COVID-19 morbidity, which has been reported in countries across the world.

NAD+ Oscillation Therapy is a novel medical treatment developed in South Africa. NAD Oscillation Therapy envelops the real-time measurement of the NAD+/NADH ratio and modulation of the ratio with the goal of restoration of homeostasis.

This supports the primary role of the immune system which is protection and restoration. This case shows a favourable treatment outcome in a high-risk patient that developed severe disease. Treatment was initiated early and hospitalization was done before laboratory markers reached critical levels. This case highlights the importance of early treatment initiation, effective patient counselling re home care recognition of sepsis and respiratory distress), NOT as a realtime treatment method of sepsis and the advantage of NOT as a treatment modality in COVID-19 patient care."

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The full report can be read here: FULL REPORT - available here.


You can also read "NAD Therapy to Good to be True" by Theo Verwey:  HERE

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