At the age of 60, I got double mastectomies, chemotherapy and radiation
that caused cardiac pathology and total immunosuppression with cortisol
levels so low that I was diagnosed with pre-Addisonian disease. I have been
found chemically toxic and chemo-resistant with a 44% heart rate fraction,
due to chemo. I was sent home with no hope and very little left in me.
Family and friends gave advice, but God provided. I learned about
the work of Theo Verwey from a group of doctors, in a time when my
life’s light was only a candle flame with an increasing cancer score.
I started taking Theo's NAD products and three days later the candle flame
became a neon light. Within a few days I experienced renewed energy
levels. A year later I started walking - about 11 km in the early hours of the
morning in so much as two hours only.

Over these five years my heart was restored to an output fraction of 63%.
My cortisol and DHEA level recovered from Pre-Addisonian to normal.
My energy levels elevated in such a manner that I compare
myself again to age 30. The cancer markers still remains zero.
From an incapacitated state to a healthy physician, I can without a doubt
refer back to the use of NAD products and its individualized protocols. No
wonder, NAD is called the too good to be true supplement.