Set yourself up to lose weight and improve your overall health. Simply use the amazing NAD Phyto Elixir spray to build a foundation that can facilitate sculpturing a new you.

NAD Phyto rewind the clock

Rewind the clock

NAD Phyto can help you lay the foundation to help you with your mood and energy levels.  Thereby laying a brilliant foundation of courage and resolve to embark on re-sculpturing your amazing body along with a host of long term benefits.

How is this possible?

We have found that when using NAD Phyto you have greater clarity of thought and less brain fog. This has been one of the effects that have been highlighted by our clients.

Use your easy to use NAD Phyto spray  to tackle systematically three further potential supporting and health-enhancing practices. NAD Phyto spray will make the processes easier to apply and more sustainable. As I write this blog my testimony of the journey started with NAD Phyto, and now I am on a serious Keto diet, Intermittent Fasting (pushing for the Autophagy threshold) and at the same time even contemplating starting a HIIT exercise regime. The perfect NAD+ health and wellbeing storm!

During the first 10 days, I lost 5 Kgs! (the experts say that would be mostly water)

Using NAD Phyto as a dietary supplement to support my diet!

NAD Phyto Elixir Spray

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Still very encouraging. Found it extremely beneficial to use the NAD Phyto spray to support me in the tough times during the prolonged fasting periods as my body adapted to using ketos as fuel instead of carbs.

When I stopped using sugar and cut all grains and starches from my diet I had serious cravings and headaches. A simple quick dose (3 sprays) of NAD Phyto Elixir Spray cleared the headache and took away the blurred vision. (All but alleviated the Keto flu that beginners suffer from.)

NAD+ Phyto Elixir Supplement

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Many of our clients have reported that they discovered when using NAD Phyto before a night out, that it would reduce the negative effects of alcohol. Further, NAD Phyto spray calmed a hangover very quickly the day after the night before! Please note we do not condone nor think it is a good idea that the product be used to support a drinking habit. However, this has been reported by client, as well as that they use NAD Phyto to relieve them of headaches.

Further feedback on the immediate effects of the use of the NAD Phyto spray being reported by our clients:

Improved Mood

After taking NAD Phyto spray for a short while you will start to notice an improved mood. Less dark thoughts and a lot easier to deal with everyday things.

Mental Clarity

From my own experiences, I spend hours creating and writing and often when I feel drowsy or rundown I will turn to the NAD Phyto spray for a boost. This little bottle has been instrumental in helping me at difficult times.

Simple Easy Quick Remedy

From reports given to us by our clients there have been immediate short-term effects such as relieving headaches but there have also been some remarkable testimonies regarding dampening pain from arthritis and reduced effect of this illness.

Energetic and in high spirits despite being in lockdown and experiencing cold and wet winter days.

The Perfect NAD+ Storm

A New Possibility - "The Perfect NAD+ Storm":

1. Boost your NAD+ with "NAD Phyto spray" improves the chances and supports getting into activating the perfect storm for your mitochondria,

2. Get yourself onto a Keto diet ASAP, 

3. Start intermittent fasting and get into Autophagy,

4. Start a regime of HIIT Exercise (or just a simple and easy exercise regime).


All of the above increase your NAD+ levels, the NAD Phyto spray will support the above regime and once you are able to push the fasting periods beyond about 14 hours you are getting into serious Autophagy territory.

This will create the perfect storm - more energy, weight loss, conquer insulin resistance and life in a new lean body.

All based on the latest science and within your grasp. All three the above steps remolds you at a cellular level for the better.

The Keto diet, in short, is a  VERY low-carb diet. You get more calories from protein and fat, less from carbohydrates. Potatoes, bread, pastries, biscuits and sugars are Keto taboos, but cream and cheese are good!

The advantages of a diet (ie weight loss)  including double cream, full-fat cheese, real butter, meat, boosting your brain metabolism?  A Keto diet will diminish your waistline and boost and preserve your grey matter functions!

Yes, research has shown that ketogenic therapy (Ketones produced through a Keto diet) can have a beneficial effect on learning and memory.  Further benefits include DNA repair, benefits to neurodegenerative disorders, brain/spinal cord injury and much more. 

The Keto Diet, boost your available NAD+ levels. Boost your NAD+ Levels with a Keto diet

Studies have shown that the Keto diet can boost the NAD+/ NADH levels by up to 18% and may provide additional benefits to the brain such as protection from oxidative stress and inflammation.

Why do we want your NAD+ levels boosted: Years of clinical research have found that NAD+ plays the following important roles:

  • Energy production within every human cell.
  • Repairing damaged and wounded cells.
  • Cellular DNA repairs.
  • Enhance and energize the body’s immune system.
  • The most potent antioxidant in all of nature.
  • Clinical studies have proven NAD+ enables the creation of neurotransmitters.

Boost your NAD+ through a Keto diet and NAD+ supplement, working on your energy levels, waistline and grey matter


Boost your NAD+ Suppliment now




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