This is how does NAD help muscle recovery

NAD has a lot of functions in the body, it holds anti-ageing properties and helps you feel and look younger than ever. Other areas of your life that improve while boosting your NAD levels include clearer skin, healthier sleep and help fight against fatigue among other things. 

Unfortunately though, as you grow older your NAD decreases, leaving you needing to find new ways to increase your levels like using NAD supplements or following a specific diet, like keto. It’s not just the anti-ageing properties that it holds that are important though, increasing your NAD levels help in other areas too like muscle recovery. 

One of the fundamental functions of NAD is helping with the process of turning nutrients into energy in your body. So when it comes to muscle function, NAD helps by creating energy. This is with regular muscle function though, when talking about repairing the muscles it works a bit differently.  

Working out causes micro tears in your muscles, and the harder you push yourself the larger the tear. These tears help to build muscle though, but to do so they need to be healed. Overworking yourself is never good for you though, so be sure to take care of yourself . 

NAD helps to heal these tears, which in turn means that you recover and grow your muscles quicker.

The way that NAD does this is by helping to convert nutrients to energy, it’s an essential part of the cellular repair process. NAD will speed up your muscle recovery rate through this process, making it useful regardless of the kind of exercise you do. Whether you casually visit the gym a few times a week or are going daily, NAD can help your muscle recovery and help to ease the pain that comes with it. 

Maybe you don’t go to the gym, instead you go for walks, well your muscles are still getting used and need to heal. Using NAD with your daily exercises will improve your muscle strength and recovery, giving you a speedier and healthier recovery than you would have ever expected. With your NAD Elixir you’ll see more than just your muscle recovery enhanced, you’ll see improvements in ways you didn’t think possible!

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